What Matters To Us

‘Our core commitment is to education which enables individuals, institutions and learning communities to achieve their maximum potential.’

We want to give young people a future and we do this by improving education around the world. We work with governments and directly with schools and Colleges.We support and guide Educational leaders and teachers to work at their full potential ensuring children everywhere receive a great education.

Our Clients

CfBT Education Services and Partners works with a wide range of clients from government bodies and large national corporations to individual students enrolled on our programmes.
We work in partnership with our clients to provide sustainable solutions to issues in education, and to improve outcomes for children and young people. We exist to improve education systems and make a difference in learners lives in Oman.

Our Promises

We believe that every child can be a powerful learner wherever they are in the world and whatever context they find themselves in.
We invest annually in our programme of educational research because it matters to us that policymakers make informed decisions and that teachers benefit from the latest best practice.
When working with CfBT Education Services and Partners, our clients can be assured of the following promises:

Our Organisation

We are a limited liability company based in Oman working in partnership with a range of international education development partners to promote an evidence based approach to decisions about education.
We operate as a business and value commercial disciplines as a means of ensuring high levels of performance and accountability; our work is also underpinned by an ethical dimension deriving  from our corporate values as a leading education development organisation.

Our History

CfBT Education Development Trust was established 50 years ago; with the founding of the Centre for British Teachers (CfBT) in 1968 with the objective of helping British teachers working abroad. Our early activity was centred in Germany after the country changed its first foreign language from French to English. The organisation’s vision was not only to recruit large numbers of native speaking English teachers but to ensure that they would form part of an effective educational reform initiative through the provision of structured professional and welfare support and coordinated project management.