CfBT exists to make a difference to the lives of learners in Oman and with its partners Education Development Trust throughout the world. Working with governments, schools and other partners, we strive to provide excellent education for all. CfBT has over fifty years experience in education development and we have been working in Oman for over 30 years.

CfBT Education Services and Education Development Trust (formally known as CfBT Education Development Trust in the UK) are currently working in partnership with a diverse array of clients including major inter-governmental bodies such as the World Bank and the European Union; donors such as UNICEF, DFID, DFAT and AUSAID; and government agencies in Oman, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Brunei, as well as countries such as India, Kenya, Somalia, Rwanda and Cambodia among others.
With an annual turnover of over £190m and 2,300 staff across our eight global offices, we have the capacity and expertise to deliver on aspects of programmes of international, national and local scale successfully.

British Training Institute

The training wing of CfBT Education Services & Partners, the British Training Institute is registered with the Ministry of Manpower as a provider of vocational training. The Centre is owned and managed by CfBT Education Services and we offer development and learning programmes to both the general public and corporate sector.

Our People

We are proud to employ a rich mix of educationalists and other professionals around the world. We have an active approach to the development of Omanisation at all levels of the company. All of our people, from accountants to researchers and from receptionists to analysts, are passionate about education.